Excellent GPS Performance and Sensitivity in a Small, Portable Device

Prime-AT-Lite Portable GPS Device

Prime-AT-Lite Portable GPS Device

The Prime AT Lite is a “Real Time GPS Tracking Device” that combines GSM and GPS technology so you can keep track of loved ones and high value assets,  either on line through the GTX Corp backend portal or your smart phone.

This small and lightweight device uses high sensitivity GPS and assisted GPS and operates on the Global GSM network.

• Extremely small and light weight (only 58 grams)
• Sleek and robust design
• Motion sensor for long battery life (up to 16 days)
• Easy access to SIM card (Ask about the GTX affordable data plans)

This device is perfect for anything that needs keeping track of — including bicycles, pets, backpacks, luggage, containers, electric vehicles (EV) and much more!

The certified quad-band Prime AT Lite is optimized for today’s demanding mobile workforce, private citizens and fleet where location based safety, security and connectivity are paramount. Providing complete GSM/GPRS communications GTX helps you track and monitor your workforce, from the lone-worker, to the operators of large fleets – and closer to home; the patient, children, teenagers, pets on the go and a host of other applications.

Prime AT Lite Features


  • Water Resistant.
  • Built in SIRF Star III chipset with -158dBm tracking sensitivity and -142 dBm autonomous sensitivity. Fast TTFF and high accuracy.
  • Low power consumption. Long standby time.
  • A-GPS Ready Solution.
  • Quad band GSM/GPRS frequency.
  • Certified with PTCRB and FCC.
Primary Uses

  • Personal GPS Tracking
  • GPS Bicycle Tracking
  • GPS Backpack Tracking
  • GPS Vehicle Tracking
  • GPS Motorcycle Tracking
  • GPS Luggage Tracking
  • GPS Electric Vehicle Tracking
  • And much more!