Take-Along Tracker 3G

Mini GPS Tracker. Comes with a lanyard & charging cradle. Configure SOS button text or call you.

The Do-It-All Tracker- Customize It to Meet Your Needs!

The versatile Take-Along Tracker provides reliable tracking in a tiny package. Configure the the central S.O.S. button to alert you with either a text message containing the unit's location, or to call you when pressed! Choose "Voice Calling" to equip the device to call a phone number. With Voice Calling enabled you can even call your Take-Along Tracker to talk or just listen in! Don't need voice calling? Choose "Data Only" get a text message when the S.O.S button is pressed. Don't want the S.O.S. button to do anything? Simply don't enter an SOS phone number with your Data Only Plan.

  • Choose from Premium Voice Calling or Data Only Plans
  • Choose Monthly or Quarterly Recurring Service Plan Payments
  • No Contracts, Cancel Service Any Time.

What Is Included:

Take-Along Tracker is a personal tracking device less than 3" long! It uses the same GPS and cellular technology as your smartphone and therefore requires activation and a data service plan. Receive one Take-Along Tracker 3G Model, as well as a charging cradle, a lanyard, and Quick Start Guide.

You will also receive your GTX Corp Monitoring Portal and SmartLocator App login information so you can track your Take-Along Tracker online. We will send you links to the FREE SmartLocator app available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Full Product and System Details Here.


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